We Work For You Around The World.

  • E-Commerce

  • Project Overview

    INDUSTRY: E-Commerce Marketplace
    PRESENCE: 500 cities around the world
    EMPLOYEES: 10,000
    CHALLENGE: Improve customer experience. Eliminate onerous infrastructure complexity in U.S. and European offices.
    SERVICES: APEX™, Technology Value Rationalization (TVR) engagement.
    SOLUTION: Contact Center-as-a-Service
    RESULT OF TVR: Cost reduction of approximately $20 per user. Enhanced call routing and customer engagement. Unified c-suite and LOB executives around strategy.

  • Global
    Law Firm

  • Project Overview

    INDUSTRY: Legal Services
    EMPLOYEES: 14,000
    CHALLENGE: WAN transformation
    SERVICES: APEX™ (Telecom Advisory)
    RESULT OF TVR: Initial cost reduction of$500,000 per year of $4,000,000 annual WAN investment. Annual cost reduction will escalate $1M when all phases of the solution are implemented.

  • International

  • Project Overview

    INDUSTRY: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
    ANNUAL REVENUES: $20B plus
    PRESENCE: 170 countries
    EMPLOYEES: 28,000
    CHALLENGE: WAN transformation
    SERVICES: APEX™ (Telecom Advisory)
    RESULT OF TVR: $1M over three years [$333,333 per year] per five separate and distinct Call Center locations.

  • Financial Services

  • Project Overview

    INDUSTRY: Wealth Management Technology
    PRESENCE: 47,000 connected advisors
    EMPLOYEES: 2,665
    CHALLENGE: IT Cost Reduction, Cloud and Managed Services Advisory, eDiscovery Advisory for Cloud Services
    SERVICES: APEX™, Technology Value Rationalization (TVR) engagement.
    SOLUTION: Hosted Exchange, UCaaS, Cloud Archive Storage, WAN Optimization, Colocation Sourcing, BUaaS, Telecom Audit & Optimization
    RESULT OF TVR: Identified monthly recurring savings of $120,000, or $1.44M per year on an OPEX budget of $7.5M

  • Supply Chain

  • Project Overview

    INDUSTRY: Supply Chain Optimization
    EMPLOYEES: 3,000
    CHALLENGE: IT Cost Reduction, Cloud and Managed Services Advisory, Insource vs. Outsource Cost Modeling
    SERVICES: APEX™, Technology Value Rationalization (TVR) engagement
    SOLUTION: Managed Network Services, WAN Transformation, Managed Help Desk Services, Colocation Sourcing, Telecom Carrier Negotiation
    RESULT OF TVR: Estimated expense reduction of at least $1M over 3 years for this still active project

  • Global Product

  • Project Overview

    INDUSTRY: Consumer Products Manufacturer
    PRESENCE: 72 countries
    EMPLOYEES: 1,200
    CHALLENGE: Top down transformation of legacy IT environment, End-to-end IT Budget Impact Modeling for newly developed IT strategy
    SERVICES: APEX™, Technology Value Rationalization (TVR) engagement for voice and collaboration
    SOLUTION: Network backbone innovation for cloud and managed services capabilities, UCaaS
    RESULT OF TVR: United senior management around the transformation

We don’t sell technology. We help you buy IT.

ACLIVITI co-founders Joe Rice and Ryan Young cultivated and fined-tuned their business technology expertise in both enterprise network and datacenter environments. In doing so the pair recognized a glaring need for client-side decision support in transforming enterprise IT from lethargic, rigid, cash-consuming models to more agile, cost-efficient As-a-Service solutions focused on business outcomes. Rice and Young exude a contagious passion for rationalizing IT investments and helping IT leaders make better informed, confident, and timely decisions. The ACLIVITI approach to problem solving, even-handed analysis, and attention to detail reflects that vision in every area of the business.

Ryan Young

Ryan Young, Managing Director

Ryan utilizes successful stints as a sales leader with EMC, AVANT Communications, and IDS in tailoring creative solutions that produce superior results. Ryan directs and manages all aspects of marketing, business development, sales, and consulting while serving as a vital and infectious source of inspiration for the ACLIVITI team.

Joe Rice

Joe Rice, Managing Director

Joe spent his formative years with telecommunications giants AT&T and Century Link. From there he focused on As-a-Service solutions as National Manager of Strategic Partnerships with Avant Communications. Joe uses his deep understanding of business technology in guiding the service delivery and project management teams.

You have the vision. We do the math.

ACLIVITI invented the APEX™ Technology Value Rationalization framework so you can seamlessly transition from legacy systems to As-a-Service technologies—like SD-WAN, UCaaS, CCaaS, BDaaS, Managed Hosting—in an accelerated, data-driven, and cost-conscious manner.

Procuring technology is traditionally a seller-centric, inefficient process. Under the old model manufacturers either sold direct to the enterprise or through distributors or value-added-resellers (VARs). Doing so minimized the OEM’s cost of sales and marketing but in most, if not all cases increased the end cost to you—the buyer. It also introduced a new layer of complexity and confusion.

ACLIVITI helps you buy technology solutions more efficiently. We even developed a data-driven, fact-based framework that supports and guides your critical decision making at every step of the way. To learn more, click on the Apex™ link.