How Business Gets Done. Better.

Ensure you have the right technology, for the right people and the right process, at the right time with TVR.


How Business Gets Connected.

Optimize network availability. Efficiently fold new companies into existing operations. Improve time to market significantly.


How Business Gets Engaged.

Empowered consumers are better informed and have higher expectations. Deliver exceptional service via CCaaS.


How Business Gets Mobile.

Your clients and workforce are mobile, always on, resourceful, and incredibly agile. How about your network?


How Business Gets Unified.

Optimize business continuity, accelerate service deployment, lower costs and risk with UCaaS solutions from ACLIVITI.


Rationalize Your IT Investments

Technology is how business gets done in the modern enterprise. And Technology Value Rationalization (TVR™) is how IT gets done better. TVR ensures your technology, people, and processes are properly aligned and deliver the best possible value to the business. TVR benefits you and the enterprise on two levels:


It justifies and logically explains why specific technologies are used and at what cost for your precise Business Case.


It makes your organization more efficient by identifying and eliminating unnecessary cost and waste.

ACLIVITI does not sell technology.
We help you buy it.

And we developed a framework for ensuring you make the best possible decisions when assessing, planning, evaluating, and implementing business technologies that continuously improve how business gets done throughout your organization.


Technology Value Rationalization delivers real and measurable value to the business. Fast.

The New IT moves at breakneck speed. Technologies that once took years to reach what Gartner calls the plateau of productivity (the point where real value is delivered to the business) now jet from launch to efficient use in months. She or he who hesitates truly is lost.

Consider the data from IDC in the table below—illustrating the real and profitable benefits of replacing complex legacy systems with simpler, more agile As-a-Service Solutions.

Home KPI Chart

Doing nothing is the biggest mistake you can make.

Lagging XaaS Adoption

How technologies are procured and placed into service are changing as radically as the technologies themselves. Yet according to research published by HfS, more than two-thirds of enterprise organizations are unprepared or lack the internal resources to make the transformation.

ACLIVITI does not sell technology. We help you buy it. And we developed a framework for ensuring you make the best possible decisions when analyzing, planning, evaluating, and implementing IT solutions that produce favorable business outcomes across the enterprise.